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Me and These Armies by Silas-Coldwine Me and These Armies :iconsilas-coldwine:Silas-Coldwine 18 0 Harder than the End of the World: CivSpace 2099 by Silas-Coldwine Harder than the End of the World: CivSpace 2099 :iconsilas-coldwine:Silas-Coldwine 22 25
The Outer Limits, IIA
The Fermi Paradox has largely been solved, it appears.
Once an intelligent race reaches a certain technological level, it will take control of its evolutionary process, replacing the slow trial and error of nature will an artificial process that will allow individuals to experience millions of years of evolution in mere days, ending with their transformation into beings of pure thought which depart the gross matter of planets to join those who have gone before in the greater cosmos. Interstellar travel, colonization, conquest…all become irrelevant.
Of course, there is often a certain amount of detritus left behind. It is 2025, and humanity hangs back fearfully from the edge of eternity.
The initial 1970 experiment was reversed and Professor Mather destroyed his equipment and notes, but knowledge of what had been done could not be erased. The initial experimentations led to uncontrolled, self-sustaining evolution in human test subjects, but later refinements allow
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The Outer Limits, IIB
Although it can now be built by any competent engineer, how the O.B.I.T. machine – the Outer Band Individuated Tele-tracer – works remains something of a mystery.  Clearly, the business about humans being “signal-generators” is at least partially bunkum – sounds do not travel far before randomizing, and any sort of electromagnetic signal is affected by intervening solid matter in the way the OBIT is clearly not – but the machine picks up something that allows it to show people on the opposite side of the planet as pointillist luminous images of themselves, their clothes and objects in immediate contact vague shadows, and convert the vibrations of the…atoms? Bodies? Life-energy? Into sounds so their voices can also be recorded. Stuff people write or type cannot be seen, but skilled analysts can often analyze hand motions to make a good stab at interpreting. Once a person’s “frequency” is determined, they can be tr
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Long After 1984
A drabble.
The Third-Rank Hierarch of the Inner Church grinned. He had discovered a clear error of dogma in the annoying Second-Rank Hierarch James of Oxfrd's writings he was implying that the current Nine Castes were an elaboration of a smaller number which had existed at some time in the past. That was clearly a doubleplus ungood violation of the Principle of Conservatism, under which only the High Council of the two Innermost Castes could recreate Falsepast to bring it in line with Truefuture. A clear case of Thoughtcrime. He wet his quill in the ink and began writing. If he followed Properproc and made sure to put this information in the correct hands, he would rise and James of Oxfrd would sink: at the very least banished from the Inner Castes and be Made Straight, possibly even be declared an Unperson and suffer the Seven Tortures.
All was Plusgood. The Hierarch paused and gazed out the window of the Ministry of Truth. It was a lovely spring day in the year 2484, and the sun wa
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After the World got moving again
As the ship slipped into Underspace, Gort gently laid to rest the fragile body of its android companion and servant. It was a shame, really, but given the humans xenophobia, it had been necessary to give them a humanoid mask through which the Galactic Union could speak to earth, and the android had suffered damage too severe for permanent repair.
The humans, which Gort had watched and studied through its various invisible orbiting eyes and those of its servant, were a crude, barbarous, race, their passions and fears most often overriding their reason, but they had potential, and it would be a shame if in their pursuit of "safety" through ever-greater arsenals of atomic weapons they were to destroy themselves or wreck their civilization to the point where it could not reemerge. Such things had happened before.
Now, a sufficiently alarming common threat might distract them from their own foolish quarrels. Gort liked the touch about the Union fearing the spread of terrestrial aggression i
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Field Notes From Crypotozoology World
The Sasquatch, or Big Foot, is the only non-human member of the Higher Primates to possess natural psychic skills. It has long used its mental abilities to avoid humans, being of a peaceable nature. (Although the Sasquatch's mental ability to read is prey's mind make it an excellent hunter, the same ability makes it extremely unpleasant for the Sasquatch to kill anything brighter than a fairly dull rabbit). Given its high intelligence and tendency to bury its dead in well-concealed locations, it was a mostly mythical creature to the early Amerindian settlers, variously seen as helpful, a prankster, or even (most unfairly) outright evil. Rarely encountered Sasquatch bones were used for making powerful ritual medicine, and anyone who actually was afforded a glimpse of one was considered a Shaman in the making.
After Europeans arrived in America, the Sasquatch was forced to withdraw into ever more confined areas as the human population burgeoned, eventually forcing them to resort to the t
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The Fairly Hot Stuff Within
The 1962 Emergence of the Vulcanids was rather disastrous for England: the opening of a half-mile wide volcanic flue into strata 15 miles down and the consequent large-scale release of hot ash and superheated and partially toxic gasses killed several million people, the authorities having rather underestimated the scale of the problem: nearly half of London wasn’t even evacuated, and the hot poisonous cloud reached as far south the Channel. Further unpleasantness took place when an army and air force already in a murderous mood spotted the huge, clumsy Vulcanid exploratory machines “sculling” through the (to them) non-substantial surface (and roads, buildings, bridges…) and setting everything on fire as they went. Due to their extreme density, most conventional weapons were ineffective, but the very largest “block-buster” bombs could spring cracks in the already cold-stressed hulls, the tremendous pressure and temperature change killing the crews: th
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Eighteen Ninety-Four by RvBOMally Eighteen Ninety-Four :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 102 60 Star Wars: Mirror Mirror by RvBOMally Star Wars: Mirror Mirror :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 129 62 Contact by Abiogenisis Contact :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 12,647 1,527 Fast Comics: Transman gettin' ready for the day by RomanJones Fast Comics: Transman gettin' ready for the day :iconromanjones:RomanJones 144 65 Thor Meets Captain America: 15 years onwards by QuantumBranching Thor Meets Captain America: 15 years onwards :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 100 79 A Study in Emerald: the World, 1881 by QuantumBranching A Study in Emerald: the World, 1881 :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 118 40
Lovecraft Tours
(Taken from Baedekers Guide to Antehuman Ruins and Archeological Sites of Europe, Eight Edition, Puffin Press, London 2011)
Location: 2 miles east of the village of Stregoicvar, County of Csik, autonomous region of Transylvania, Hungary.
Transportation: Regular bus from Ditro, shuttle from the village square to the site for the physically disabled: there is also an outdoor lift driven by a dedicated diesel engine is available for those who wish to see the Black Stone and do not wish or are unable to make the climb.
Background Information: the Fortress of the Black Stone is a pre-human construction whose foundations date back to at least twenty million years to the era of Pseudo-Lacertilia [1] dominance on what at the time was a large island arising from a shallow sea, but which underwent considerable reconstruction over the last ten million years from both Cercopitheninae-derived nocturnal humanoi
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Life in the Big City
Based on JG Ballard’s “The Concentration City”
It’s an enclosed universe.
The City is all its inhabitants know. It extends in all directions, east and west, north and south, up and down. It is built into a matrix of incredibly hard rock, which is only slowly cut away with plasma torches. The rock, extending indefinitely upwards and down, should be compressed to white heat in spite of its enormous strength, but gravity is strange here: it shifts in direction if you travel far enough. There is no “center” of the world gravity pulls towards. About 40% of the rock matrix has been cut away to create voids to house endless layers of buildings, and networks of tunnels to connect the open spaces. Stacks of buildings, in standardized layers a hundred feet deep and twenty blocks to a mile, are supported by massive braces attached to the sides of the rock walls as well as their foundations, hung like birdcages on the immovable stone walls. Everything is very so
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